A Tribute to the Good ol’ Days

On the road to #NeuchatelSevens 43rd edition “C’était mieux avant”!  

A tribute to The Good ol’ days! 

Today: The Captain

Raoul-Gonzague da Silva do Juninho, aka « Glitter Boy » or « le Démembreur de Copacabana », originated from the golden riviera of Rio de Janeiro « Glitter Boy » had kind of a shock when he landed in dreary le Landeron, sent by his genitors to get an upper education in Switzerland. 

Terrified by the permanent fog around, Raoul got obsessed with maintaining his legendary chocolate suntan that had made him famous in the local jet-set.

Raoul joined the ’07 rugby team to get a distraction from his lazy luxurious life. As a rugby player he turned from a sophisticated ephebe to a beast! That’s how he got his nickname of « le Démembreur de Copacabana » a curious mix of samba and fury. GB was especially known for his fake move « feinte de passe, je vais tout droit et je ruine un 3 contre 1 ».

He got totally involved in the life of the club and even became captain of the championship team, leading his crew with his war scream « Chocolat!!! »!

On his late days, Raoul enjoyed the summer in Neuchatel, driving his sports car downtown, always in good younger company.

C’était mieux avant? 🏉

To be continued..


Crédit photo: Bruno Payrard